Custom Match PMS Plastisol Ink

 Custom Match Ink

Wilflex White Ink

Wilflex White Ink

 White Inks by Wilflex

Wilflex White Ink

EPIC Ink Colors

EPIC Ink Colors

EPIC Ink Colors by Wilflex

Wilflex Plastisol inks are formulated for high productivity wet-on-wet printing.   Substrates:  100% cotton, cotton blends, polyester, some nylon.  Also used for conventional cold-peel transfers.  Mesh (on lights): 110-280 • Mesh (on darks): 86-120 • Mesh (fine line): 230-305
Extender:  Up to 20% (by weight) 10150PFX Finesse • Reducer:  Up to 5% (by weight) 10070PFXCR Curable Reducer
Gel Temperature:  230 F • Cure Temperature:  330 F • Transfer Temperature:  350 F

Click here for Epic Color Chart.

Epic Colors

EPIC Super Ink

EPIC Super Ink

EPIC Super Ink by Wilflex

Optimum opacity is achieved with Super Series High Opacity Plastisol inks. Use same printing parameters as regular EPIC.


Epic Super Ink

Epic Bases, Additives & Extenders

Epic Bases, Additives & Extenders

Bases, Additives & Extenders by Wilflex


Epic Bases, Additives & Extenders, Epic Armor Underbase Gray, Stretch, Reducer, Soft Hand, Finesse

EPIC Rio Color Matching Systems

 EPIC Rio Color Matching Systems by Wilflex

Epic Rio is an accurate, opaque, and vibrant color matching system that contains 18 finished ink mixing components for an extended color range.  Provides accurate color match to Pantone Colors.  Increased opacity helps printers get to color quicker on press with fewer print strokes even when using fine mesh screen sizes.  For use on 100% cotton, cotton blends (with 50/50 low bleed underbase), and some synthetics.  Rio has a matte finish, has a soft hand, and is great for wet-on-wet printing.

Mesh: 110-305 • Reducer:  Epic Viscocity Buster - Up to 1% by weight
Flash:  220° F for 3-5 seconds • Cure Temperature:  300° F

Click here for Epic Rio Spec sheet.

Click here for Epic Rio Color Chart.


Phosporescent - Glow In the Dark Ink

Phosporescent - Glow In the Dark Ink by Wilflex

Phosphorescent ink is a specially formulated non-phthalate inks that produces a glow in the dark effect.

For best results print on light fabrics or print over a white underbase.  Mesh count: 60-140  Cure Temp of 320F.

Click here for spec sheet.

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