Exhaustex 1500

Exhaustex 1500

Tekmar Exhaustex 1500

Powerful and Portable!

All metal construction includes 10' exhaust hose.

Its the affordable answer to exposure and compliance issues.  Stainless

steel arm.  The vacuum dries the heavy fabrics while venting chemical vapors.  110V  $10 Crating Fee

List $575


Exhaustex 2000

Exhaustex 2000

Tekmar Exhaustex 2000

Dual Speed Vacuum • Rotating Cleaning Arm

Carbon Air Filter • Overspray Vacuum Shield

The best cleaning station you can buy!

Powerful 2 speed vacuum removes airborne contaminants and overspray.

The refillable Carbon Filtration Unit allows the Exhaustex 2000

to be safely used inside your production facility.  110V  $25 crating fee.

List $1,195


TG300 Spot Cleaning Gun

TG300 Spot Cleaning Gun

Tekmar TG300 Spot Cleaning Gun

A higher powered gun to blast out the toughest screen printing ink.

Adjustable nozzle.  Works with optional air dryer feature and fluid feed attachment.

Stock Item

List Price $175

WSN Price $165

TG125 Spot Cleaning Gun

TG125 Spot Cleaning Gun

Tekmar TG125 Spot Cleaning Gun

Deluxe features at an affordable price.  Adjustable nozzle.

Offers ring-proof cleaning and is safe for delicate fabrics.

Stock Item

List Price $145

WSN Price $125

TG200 Spot Cleaning Gun

TG200 Spot Cleaning Gun

Tekmar TG200 Spot Cleaning Gun

Industrial duty!  Adjustable nozzle.

All metal construction in this top-of-the-line unit.

Works with optional air dryer feature and fluid feed attachment.

Special Order - Ships from CA

List Price $210

WSN Price $195

Scorch Remover

Scorch Remover

Tekmar Texstyle Scorch Remover

Instantly removes scorching, burn marks, and sun-staining from fabrics.  Lightly spray the affected area and cycle the garment through the dryer.

Fast, non-staining, safe. 

$11.50 16 OZ

Formula TS-3

Formula TS-3

Tekmar Formula TS3

An exceptional spot cleaner.  A non-flammable cutting-edge cleaning fluid instantly removes 100% of cured plastisol inks.  Also removes many other ink types, including water based, puff, and flock adhesive.  The Screener's Choice.


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