Screen Unlocker

Screen Unlocker

Franmar UN-Lok Screen Unlocker

Removes locked in emulsion  and brings locked screens back to life
•Apply liberally to locked in screen, let sit 10-30 minutes, scrub well and pressure wash. Repeat as needed. Can be left on screen overnight.

Franmar Textile Quart Kit

Trifecta SBQ Dual-Cure Eumulsion

Trifecta SBQ Dual-Cure Eumulsion

Trifecta SBQ Dual-Cure Eumulsion by Ulano

One Emulsion for Plastisol, Water-Based and Discharge inks!!!

SBQ dual-cure emulsion for use with plastisol, water-based and discharge inks.  No sensitizer or hardener needed. Fast exposing. High solids and high viscocity. (Violet)

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Custom Match PMS Plastisol Ink

 Custom Match Ink

Orange Photopolymer Emulsion

Orange Photopolymer Emulsion

Orange Ultra Fast Pure Photopolymer Emulsion by Ulano

A pure photopolymer textile emulsion that offers High Contrast, Fast Exposure, High Solids Content and No Mixing.

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