FX Insta Dry Semi-Clear Waterproof Inkjet Film

FX works in all Epson, Roland, Mutoh or Mimaki and other printers using Piezo head technology. FX is fast drying and is highly water resistant. Use for direct positives, dye lines, overlay screens, composite color work, and overhead projection films. 5 mil thickness.


FX Film

AccuJET Inkjet Film

AccuJET Inkjet Film

Chromaline AccuJET Inkjet Film - Waterproof

For Pigment and Dye Based Inks.  Prints with nearly all pigment and dye based inks.  D-Max up to 3.5 accomodates the most popular RIP programs.  An affordable top-quality waterproof film.  Free Samples Available. Other width rolls available - Call Toll Free


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