EasiStrip SUPRA Concentrated Ink and Emulsion Remover

EasiStrip SUPRA Concentrated Ink and Emulsion Remover

EasiWay EasiStrip SUPRA Concentrated Ink and Emulsion Remover

A super concentrated one-step ink cleaner emulsion remover for dip tanks

screen cleaning systems. Has no odor, making reclaiming more pleasant. 

Contains no hazardous substances, which provides for a better work environment.  Non-flammable. 

Mixing ratios Water/Supra: 5:1

Polypropylene Dip Tanks

Polypropylene Dip Tanks

Easiway Polypropylene Dip Tanks


The Easiway dip tank system is designed to save you time and money without the mess of traditional reclaiming methods, without hazards and without toxicity. Easiway dip tank chemicals are drain safe and can be used to clean hundreds of screens without being replenished. Unlike other dip tank systems; this system suspends and traps solids. You will not generate sludge in the tank if used properly.  Time Saving - Economical - Less Effort


There's no easier or cheaper way to use Easistrip!

  Step 1. Clean excess ink from screen with spatula or pallet knife.

             No need to clean ink residue.

  Step 2. Place screen in dip tank with Easistrip solution.

            (1 part Easistrip Supra to 5 parts water)

  Step 3. Allow approximately 1-2 minutes to soak.  Then pressure wash screen

            from print side.  Ink and emulsion are gone.

  Step 4. Spray Easisolv 601 or 701 on screen and scrub with pad to remove any

            stains.  Pressure wash to rinse.


Ink and Emulsion Remover - One Step Clear

Ink and Emulsion Remover - One Step Clear

Franmar One Step Clear Ink and Emulsion Remover for Dip Tank Systems

One Step Clear is a concentrate to be diluted with tap water in the tank: 6 parts water : 1 part concentrate* (* High mineral and/or iron content water mix 4 parts water: 1 part concentrate) Scrape all excess ink from screen. Submerge screen in the tank for 2-4 minutes. Place screen in washout booth and rinse using a pressure washer. Dehazing mesh is recommended as a final step.

•Concentrated formula for use in dip tanks • Removes emulsion, stencil, or capillary film
•Can be used as a direct apply • Removes plastisol, UV, and water based inks
•Safe to reclaim wood, aluminum, or roller frames • Long-lasting (up to 6 months)


One Step Clear Neutralizer Powder 1.5 pound

 Add this powder to solution to neutralize the pH level for safe drain disposal.




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