AccuRIP Black Pearl

AccuRIP Black Pearl

Allows you to print halftones with Epson inkjet Printers.

One copy of AccuRIP Black Pearl is all you need to print from ALL OF YOUR COMPUTERS. That's right, setup AccuRIP BP on a network and "share" the AccuRIP BP print driver. From Windows "Printers and Faxes" Control Panel (right click and "share" the AccuRIP BP driver) From the Mac "System Preferences" select "Share" and turn on "SharePrinters. Done! No need to load any software on the other computers, those users just choose AccuRIP BP as a network shared printer and print. Simple. This is a huge cost savings. One Software, One Price for all your computers. Unlimited network use. 


Can be used with the ALL Black Ink Cartridge Sets.


AccuRIP Black Pearl (MAC and Windows OS)

AccuRIP BP works with Epson Printers.  Epson models (Artisan 50 through the Stylus Pro 11880).  Windows Vista and higher, Macintosh Snow Leopard (Intel) and higher.  Serial Number (works on either platform - one installation)


AccuRIP Black Pearl $495





Free Trial

To receive the Free Trial Version of AccuRIP click here.

Spot Process Separation Studio

Spot Process Separation Studio

Spot Process Separation Studio Software - Newest Version

The fast, accurate, easy to use color separation software.
Start with a good quality, well saturated art file (expanded file format).
Open the art file and in just seconds Separation Studio delivers
screen-print friendly, color separated channels for digital output
with your favorite illustration program.  Compatible with Apple OSX 10.5 and higher and PC Windows XP and higher.   


$795 (e-mailed)

Spot Process Separation Studio Upgrade

Available to owners of Spot Process VueRite only.  Current SPVR dongle updated via software (no shipping of new dongle)  Manual is included with software online.


Free Trial

To receive the Free Trial Version of Spot Process Separation Studio email us at: (click on address)
Please write 'Free Spot Process Separation Studio Trial Version' in the subject line and specify Mac or PC.  Include your name, mailing address, and phone number.

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