AccuRIP Ruby EP Software

AccuRIP Ruby EP Software

Allows you to print halftones with Epson inkjet Printers.

AccuRIP Ruby Epson Printer Software™ replaces Black Pearl and currently supports 57 Epson printer models.  Ruby automatically calibrates the print head with every pass through constant calibration, resulting in higher print quality.  Ruby allows the scheduling of auto maintenance and print head cleaning directly from the software for Epson 1430 and P400 printers.

AccuRIP Ruby EP $495





Free Trial

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1430/1400 Refillable Ink Master Kit

1430/1400 Refillable Ink Master Kit

1430/1400 Refillable All Black Ink Master Kit

Refillable Solution • For use with AccuRIP Black Pearl™ Software
Refillable all slot Ink System for the 1430/1400 now delivering nearly two fills instead of one at the same $99.

Refillable 1430/1400 Ink Master Kit includes:
• 6 refillable cartridges w/ plugs
• 127 ml bottle black Dmax™ Dye Ink
• Blunt needle syringe and gloves

Dmax Dye Ink

Dmax Dye Ink

Dmax Dye inkjet ink

Dmax Dye inkjet ink is formulated for the stringent film printing demands and blocking UV light during screen exposure. At 66 mls per full fill a 240 ml bottle provides 3.6 fills for Epson 1400/1430 printers.

AccuRIP Ruby CP Combo Package

AccuRIP Ruby CP Combo Package for Canon Pro-100 Inkjet Printer

AccuRIP Ruby Canon Printers Software™ and Dmax Ink™ deliver UV light blocking films.  Appreciate the ease and reliability of AccuRIP Ruby driver-based printing, plus Dmax™ Black Ink (8-tank All Slot refillable system) for the sturdy and affordable bubble jet Canon Pixma Pro-100.  Use the desktop 13 x 19 Canon Pro-100 printer (Purchased Elsewhere) and start experiencing dramatic ink cost savings!


Ruby CP Combo Includes:
•AccuRIP™ Ruby CP Software
  Installer/Serial Number
•Refillable Ink Kit for Pixma Pro-100 Printer
      Refillable Tanks (8) - Dmax Dye Ink (127 ml) with
      blunt needle syringe for filling - Amaze-Ink Bottle
      (127 ml) for printer maintenance and clog busting
•All Black Ink™ License Feature Unlock Code


All Black Cartridge Sets for Epson P400 Printers

All Black Cartridge Sets for Epson P400 Printers

Starter Sets include three Matte Slot only cartridges (not an all slot solution)
Amaze-Ink Liquid Kit (127 ml fluid, 1 syringe, 1 adapter), one Pair Latex-Free Gloves 

Replacement Sets include two Matte Slot only cartridges (not an all slot solution)


FX Insta Dry Semi-Clear Waterproof Inkjet Film

FX works in all Epson, Roland, Mutoh or Mimaki and other printers using Piezo head technology. FX is fast drying and is highly water resistant. Use for direct positives, dye lines, overlay screens, composite color work, and overhead projection films. 5 mil thickness.


FX Film

AccuJET Inkjet Film

AccuJET Inkjet Film

Chromaline AccuJET Inkjet Film - Waterproof

For Pigment and Dye Based Inks.  Prints with nearly all pigment and dye based inks.  D-Max up to 3.5 accomodates the most popular RIP programs.  An affordable top-quality waterproof film.  Free Samples Available. Other width rolls available - Call Toll Free


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